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Please The Baroness BDSM Fetish Contest
22 Aug 2006, 9:44:31 am
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The Baroness, The name in latex fashion, is more than a fashion designer. She is a fashion icon, host to New York's longest-running monthly fetish party (The Baroness' Fetish Retinue), and has been featured on HBO's Real Sex. And now The Baroness is judging a Tit-Elation contest.

Here are her submission guidelines:

* All stories must be BDSM fetish stories focused on rubber and/or latex lust.

* There should be no "straight" sex acts.

* The only nudity is when they dress.

Much like a Baroness fetish party, stories are open to male/female, male/male, female/female, and trans persons. Single acts as well as group scenes are welcome.

Length: Stories should be substantiative ~ at least 1250 to 2500 words.

Deadline: All stories must be submitted via the Tit-Elation Author Area by mindnight, Central Time, October 10, 2006.

Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate redeemable for The Baroness' Latex Creations and $50 cash prize.
Runner Up: $25 cash prize and 100 ml Bottle of Eros original BodyGlide.

Winners will be announced prior to her royal birthday on Halloween!

Fine Print: All stories must be submitted via the Tit-Elation Author Area by October 10, 2006, and are subject to the usual site Tit-Elation Submission Guidelines. Submitted works are eligible for the print anthologies, and are compensated accordingly. (If you are not already a registered author, simply read the guidelines and register here ~ it's free to register as an author.)

Winning stories will also be published by The Baroness' at her website, via her newsletter etc. with proper author credits. This is your chance to get the recognition a real BDSM erotica author deserves! Are you worthy? Submit to The Baroness ~ submit your stories now!

A renowned designer, fetish expert, performer, writer, and lecturer, The Baroness is currently writing her own book on the art of female dominance. You may find out more about her (and how to please her!) at her glorious website,, and in these interviews: The Baroness: Latex Fashion Designer, An Enigma, Wrapped in a Mystery, Covered in Latex, and The Baroness As Sexual Being.

With much affection,


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