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Tit-Elation Update:
21 Nov 2005, 4:29:33 pm
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We have now published our first "Best of' book, and our second print anthology is in the selection & editing process ~ Just in time for gift giving!

It is our goal to get some of the best erotic writers in the country into print. We are publishing writers who are participating in the Tit-elation site and encourage all authors to create an account and submit stories for the website. From those our editors consider the best of that quarter we publish in book form.

We run a contest almost every three weeks as a means to inspire writers.

Here's our most recent contest:

My Partner Doesn't Understand Me Contest

Ah, the oldest complaint in the book! It's the start of many an affair, the reason people seek the help of a sex professional... the end of many a lover's relationship...

Give us a story that captures both the fantasy as well as the emotional desire - and of course, it has to make us HOT!

Characters could be confiding in a counselor, a best friend etc, pleading with a spouse or lover, or putting the moves on a new lover, an escort or prostitute, all with this goal of getting what they want... Are they just telling the story of what they want, or will they get their wish?

Stories should focus on the longing as well as the fantasy itself.

The author of the winning story wins one quarterly 'Best Of' book - and contest winners have a great chance of being in an upcoming issue as well!

The contest begins now, and ends on December 20th, 2005 (midnight, central time).

Submit your stories via the Tit-Elation author area.

Authors who regularly win contests, appear in the book, and are very popular at the site are now moving into the Third Tier of compensation!

It's a very active time at!

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
New Sex-Kitten Editor
19 Nov 2005, 9:05:41 pm
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There's another new editor in town!

Betti Mustang, a regular columnist at, is now Assistant Editor for the website.

Stop by & say 'howdy' to Betti Mustang!

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
Tit-Elation Publishers
16 Nov 2005, 3:40:44 pm
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We'd like to announce that Roxanne Rhoads has joined the editorial team at Tit-Elation.

Roxanne and Tess Roberts are both Managing Editors in charge of evaluating all submitted erotic stories.

With much affection,


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Tit-Elation Site Review
8 Nov 2005, 2:25:21 pm
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RichardsRealm gives Tit-Elation a great review!

Here's just some of what Nicola had to say:

"Tit Elation leads to masturbation" apparently. This website isn't your run of the mill hardcore porn site. It is stimulating and provocative in a completely innovative way. If you have had your fill of the same old same old hardcore porn videos and are ready to try a new approach to porn then this site might just be for you.

Tit Elation exclusively offers written erotica. The stories are skilfully written and cover the whole nine yards of porn niches."

You can read the rest here!

With much affection,


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Affiliate Newsletters
2 Nov 2005, 3:54:49 am
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Those of you who signed up for our affiliate programs received a 'test' email in error. Please accept our apologies for the error.

The correct newsletter will be sent shortly.

(If you haven't signed up yet, go do so!)

With much affection,


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