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August 2005 Presents: The BDSM Issue ~ It's Not Just For Beginners!
29 Dec 2005, 3:20:00 pm
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While the media is increasing the visibility of 'kinky folks' including a BDSM storyline on Desperate Housewives, many people do not understand BDSM.

With an estimated 10 to 14% of the Western adult population practicing BDSM, and 50% stating an interest in the subject, it's no wonder more and more adults are having to think about BDSM.

As Gracie Passette says "No longer is BDSM something 'other people do,' but something you might do... Maybe your partner comes to you and asks for a spanking, and you don't have a clue how to reply. Maybe you've found your partner has been looking at some rather intense BDSM websites and you'd like to understand "why." Or maybe you're the one with a specific fantasy, and you wonder what that says about you... After all, What kind of a person participates in BDSM? So we created a book that looks at BDSM from several points of view - not a 'how to' or a scientific textbook, but personal stories written to help folks understand." Presents: The BDSM Issue is a collection of articles, some original and some previously seen at Sex-Kitten.Net, on the topic of BD/SM. The first in a series devoted to women's sexuality, the BDSM Issue covers this controversial sexual aspect from a personal point of view. Composed of numerous short essays, the BDSM issue covers BDSM from personal accounts on both sides of the fence.

Reviewer Danielle King, wrote "This book contains everything from articles and opinions to poetry and erotica, all packaged in an innocuous pretty little pink and black and white bedside reader. While serious practitioners of the arts that fall under the umbrella of BDSM may be tempted turn up their noses at this book, I found it worth several read throughs. For anyone flirting with the idea of getting involved in the lifestyle, this book offers plenty of nuggets of advice both pro and con."

Gracie Passette, editor of the book, says, "The unique thing about this book, is that this isn't some 'join us' BDSM membership drive. We include the thoughts of many who enjoy BDSM or aspects of BDSM in their sex play, but we also include the stories of those who have tried BDSM and just don't like it. We don't preach that there is one answer only: that you must participate in BDSM - rather we are trying to draw the drapes, and let folks really look at BDSM for what it is. There are risks. In addition to possible physical violations, there are emotional ones as well. As Yeats said, "The tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul." Perhaps you are not ready to break this cherry."

Passette continues, "At best, we hope readers understand the motivations, the tenderness and affections, the fragile human needs which lie within a world considered to be so rough & tumble. Hopefully, if nothing else, readers learn to respect such desires, so that when they discuss adding BDSM or elements of BDSM to their relationships, they don't laugh the whole off and hurt their partners."

While this book was created to help those considering BDSM, those who are participating in BDSM also have also found the book worthwhile.

Sensuous Sadie, the founder of Rose & Thorn, Vermont's first BDSM group, and one of the authors included in the book, was herself surprised by the completed book: "I have quite the library of BDSM books, and with all these books there's one thing that I've never read that I did find in Presents: The BDSM Issue. That is that the book included the voices of people who had explored the scene and found that, well, it wasn't quite right for them."

She continues: "You see, we in the scene are a closed community in that we all like what we're doing. So we never really hear the message of the people that it's not working for. Of course BDSM isn't for everyone, but what really interested me was to hear why it didn't work for these few writers. That was the special gift of this book. Thank you for including their stories, because surely even those of us neck deep in things have had our doubts now and then."

This book is a practical way for individuals to sort through their own feelings about BDSM as well as a starting point of communication for couples to discuss their feelings and needs. Counselors, sex therapists and others facilitating discussions on relationships and human sexuality will find the book a useful tool in their work.

As Gracie says "Safe, Sane & Consensual: it's the mantra of the BDSM community. But you can't be safe, sane or consent to anything if you don't understand it."

The book is available to consumers via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & the Sex-Kitten Boutique and for retailers via Ingram Book Group and the publisher, Ephemera Bound.

ISBN: 0977100359

Deanna Dahslad Phone: 1-888-642-3043
Gracie Passette Phone: (866) I-Sex-Tale

With much affection,


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Book Reviews
16 Dec 2005, 8:41:16 pm
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The reviews are beginning to come in for several of our books:

The Masculine Cross and Ancient Sex Worship by Sha Rocco, Foreword by Tess Roberts, has a review now posted at Amazon.

And Sex~Kitten.Net Presents: The BDSM Issue has a review posted at as well as at Amazon.

Remember, if you are interested in reviewing books for us, please view the Reviewer Guidelines.

With much affection,


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Erotica: A Holiday Gift For Couples To Share
10 Dec 2005, 11:10:23 am
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Tit-Elation announces a wonderful erotic gift that gives all year long: erotica anthology subscriptions.

Tit-Elation 'Best Of' publications are lovely hardcover books in handsome dustjackets which arrive discreetly to your home: a classy presentation of smut!

Erotic stories can be a wonderful way to increase intimacy between partners. It's one way to increase fantasy play, and is often better received by women than film and DVD productions. Reading from a print publication is an intimate & comfortable experience. Couples can sit side by side, be curled up in bed, read to each other in a luxurious bath - creating moments of affection and arousal. Long-distance couples may also read stories over the phone to each other to stay connected. Owning the books also means they are ready when the mood strikes.

"Reading stories aloud does wonders for a woman's libido" says Gracie Passette, Tit Elation publisher, "We love words, we love hearing them, we love to hear our lover's voice say them. And men, this is your chance to easily tell her what she wants to hear - by reading someone else's words!"

While the stories are written for women, these are not necessarily romantic stories. These are hot, steamy, graphic stories, as varied as the fantasies women have.

Stories cover 19 areas, celebrating the passion & joy of sensuality: First Time Stories, Exhibitionist & Voyeur Stories, BDSM (both Male Domination & Female Domination stories), Lesbian, Interracial, Strangers, Spouses, Older/Younger Partners, Toys & Masturbation, Couples Stories, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fetishes, Romantic Stories, One Night Stands, Sex with Co-Workers, Group Sex, Infidelity & Cheating Spouses. Stories are set in the present day, in the past, and in the future.

Passette says "We've got everything from historical erotic fiction stories to out-of-this-world adult science fiction & fantasy stories too. It's a smorgasbord of sex stories & sensuality! The books are a feast for those with healthy erotic appetites, whether read alone or shared."

"The stories are skillfully written and cover the whole nine yards of porn niches" says Richard's Realm.

The stories in the anthology are taken from submissions at their website, Tit-Elation.comwhere editors select high quality stories for publication on the web. Then each quarter, the editors select the best of those stories for publication in the books. With each print subscription, there is free access to the stories online as well.

"We accept only quality erotic stories for publication on our website - each story an author submits is worked on with an editor," says Passette, "and only the very best of those stories make it into the print anthologies."

The subscription is a wonderful gift idea. With new books arriving each quarter, there will always be plenty of fresh stories to spice up your sex life. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Subscriptions are exclusive to the official Tit Elation website,

Gracie Passette Phone: (866) I-Sex-Tale

With much affection,


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