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Tit-Elation Announces The Humo-Erotic Contest
28 Apr 2006, 4:32:47 pm
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Make us laugh so hard moisture forms in our eyes ~ and yet so hot, we are wet in other places...

Infuse your steamy story with funny moments ~ from soft-smile-amusing, to fall-down-laughing. Don't settle for corny lines, or mock the genre; put some thought into this and impress us. Be creative. Make our sides split from laughing ~ and make us reach for a large vibe (proper lubed so those sides don't split!)

Be the witty one at the bar who takes us home (or write as if you were!)

We will select one Grand Prize Winner and one Second Place Winner, with awards as follows:

Grand Prize Winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Second Place Winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate

Also, both winners will receive the coveted contest winner icon with their story.

The contest begins now, and ends May 20, 2006.

Yes, you may enter more than one submission (but no simultaneous submissions to other publishers, pelase).

All entires are to be submitted via the author's area at the Tit-Elation website. Please put "Humo-Erotic Entry" in the teaser section.

All submissions are held to the regular site guidelines, and as such are elegible for publication at the site and considered for inclusion in the "Best Of" print books. And yes, this means accepted stories also are elegible for other sompensation. So rake it in, why don't you? Enter!

Note: If you are creative enough to do so, your entries may also qualify for our other projects, such as the Lingerie and Vampire themed anthologies. Please be sure to add all the appropriate information in the teaser so that the editors know of your lofty ambitions. ;)

For the full story behind this contest, see the post at our MySpace blog. ;)

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
Gracie Passette Productions, a division of Equilibri-Yum Incorporated, Fargo ND