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In Which I Brag & Name Drop Like Never Before
1 May 2006, 1:13:18 pm
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This Week's Episode: I'm So Full of Myself

I'd like to think I'm a better blogger because I refrain from A) posting trite, mundane stuff about me (such as why I am not here blogging) and my cat (how & when she pukes a hairball) and B) because I don't post every 15 minutes with nothing but more of the stuff A) is made of. Who wants to read that crap? Not even my lover does. But then he has to hear me tell my tales... so another example is needed... OK, not even my most loyal friends care that much about me.

But today is one of those days when I am so pleased with myself that I am compelled to be the vain narcissistic prima donna that, well, I now feel I am entitled to be. So if you didn't come here for Gracie News, get the hell out now ~ while you still can. However...

If you've been missing The Gracie Cool Factor, perhaps you need a fix. I'll just try not to give you an overdose. But I make no promises...

Why My Shit May Stink, But I Care Not

Yes, I am aware that the boasting which is soon to follow this disclaimer may suggest to the reader that I am too fond of myself; that I do in fact believe that my shit does not stink. But I assure you, I am not oblivious to the obvious. While I am indeed special, as evidenced below, I am not that special that my poop is the sweet perfumed variety. I'm just having a day of unusual adoration of all that is Gracie.

:Ahem: I begin with the evidence of my greatness.

Recently, pal Margot Carmichael Lester (regular writer for Playboy and at has interviewed moi as an expert for a few articles at the latter. Most excellent to have my naughty self quoted at such a big and yet conservative site.

Another pal, of both mine and Margot's is Emily Duberly. She hooked me up with her mag, Scarlet as an expert for their April issue Q & A. Yup, that's print, kiddos.

It's cool to have pals like these. And when folks I respect so turn around and return it in sapdes ~ professionally ~ well, I can feel the head begin to swell.(I told you this was a brag festival, so don't get whiny now!)Oh, and I had my first piece published in XBiz magazine. Yes, more print, dahlinks. And the smell of it is going to my head.

If that wasn't great enough, the old stats at Sex~Kitten dot net keep climbing. It's becomming insane, really. And it would be rather embarassing to admit how it thrills me, except this post is all about how cool and vain I am. So there Phhhffft. Oh, can you actually see my head swelling?

Yet, as my head grows, there is yet more fab news!Marianna Beck of Libido Films is giving me a preview of their latest film, Trial Run: Pleasures and Perils of Internet Romance ~ as in *before release* which means I am cool. I am excited because their other films rocked my world. But when Marianna told me that this new film has "erotic dream sequence featuring tango dancers as well as a scene featuring a dominatrix hard at work with a circus clown" I just about wet myself ~ now that's anticipation wetness, mind you!

I'm So Full of Myself That... I Step In It

Giddy with all the fabulousness which is Gracie, I, without consulting editors & publishers alike, not only proposed but published a public call for submissions at TE ~ a contest yet.

In my own defence, I was spurred on by my adoration of Ms Betty White. And my desire for more great erotica. But it's no excuse now, is it.So, editors here reading, please accept the apology errupting from the lips on my large puffy ego inflated head: I meant no harm. I was excited. And if the apology doesn't make things all lolly, than I shall judge entries by myself. Well, me and my Hop'n Rabbit Stroker as it allows me to set the controls and be elated as I read on the monitor... But in any case, I'll do the work if needed, so forgiven? :batting lashes:

And if the other publishers do not agree that Humo-Erotica is all the rage I believe it is, I'll provide the prizes myself. After all, I plan on reaping the rewards ;)

That Business Aside, What's Left?

Is anyone still reading? If so, this will likely increase my hat-size yet again.And then I must return to do my usual weekly post, yes?

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
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