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Tit-Elation Reviewed By HenTracks
21 Jun 2006, 8:02:30 pm
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Tit-Elation is Quality

Carrie White reviewed TE and wrote the following:

"Of course, we mustn't ignore the real tag line: Tit-Elation leads to masturbation. For sure, this couldn't be more accurate. In the comfort of your own home, this gloriously attractive website brings the 'hottest, steamiest sex stories straight to your door.' And, get this! Not just via a website but also through print anthologies. Yum!"

"You receive Quality. Just that. Well, not just that, obviously. A damn sight more, too, but that little word, I believe, surpasses Quantity in importance. Wouldn't you rather know that all the stories that you are able to search through are top notch and not thrown together with poor grammar, storylines and originality? Wouldn't you rather have access to new authors alongside recognised talent?"

"As well as this assurance you also have the joy of knowing that new works are posted daily, the site is easy to navigate and you get the chance to vote on every work you read. Oh! And I mustn't forget the mind blowing choice of categories to suit every sexual taste."

These are just a few excerpts, read the rest here!

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
Tit-Elation Publications
5 Jun 2006, 3:08:29 am
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I'd like to take a moment here to provide some information on the Tit-Elation "Best Of" Quarterly publications. The publication in general exists to support the writers and readers of erotica. We believe that the genre of erotica itself has been diminished; not only in selling space at bookstores, but in public perception as well. While erotic materials are seen as 'base' or thought of as 'less than,' we believe that erotic stories are more difficult to write -- and when written well, are wonderful works deserving of more respect. Erotica is more than 'lowly sex entertainment'; it's a relationship tool helping people with their fantasies and sex lives.

Tit-Elation is primarily focused on the experience of female readers. This is not just because we are primarily a female populated company but also because women are most often the ones to draw lines between poorly written pornography and erotic stories. If a writer can seduce a female reader, they are likely to also arouse a male reader; but the converse is not necessarily true. By offering the highest quality erotic works, we know we appeal to both men and women. And this is true in our reader statistics, where males are roughly 50% of the readers.

While stories are submitted via the website,, it is not our intention to be an internet story site; Our intention is to sell print subscriptions. Using the website allows 1) an easy method of working with authors and editing each story and 2) reader access to the stories, which allows us to gauge story and theme popularity. Each quarter, the editors review the stories published at the site, and recommend a list of the best works -- and these are the stories which end up in the "Best Of" print publication.

With a purchase of the print subscription, the reader not only has new erotica arriving four times a year, but a library of their favorites.

These publications are considered a periodical, like a magazine; However, we publish them in a much nicer format. While these books look great on a shelf, they are made for repeat use -- be it a favorite story for frequent solo-masturbation or to share with partners. Like Viagra, we believe their quality hardcover bindings and glossy dust jackets, provide longer and stronger bedside performance!

While the books are our primary focus, each subscription comes with free website access where We Promise:

No popups, no ads, no spam, no uninvited come-ons. No tricking you into other sites. Just the best in erotica.

Tit-Elation is updated several times a week, with high-quality, hot, sexy stories.

Our stories cover 19 areas, celebrating the passion & joy of sensuality. Subscribe now & you'll find stories in these areas: First Time Stories, Exhibitionist & Voyeur Stories, BDSM (both Male Domination & Female Domination stories), Lesbian, Interracial, Strangers, Spouses, Older/Younger Partners, Toys & Masturbation, Couples Stories, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fetishes, Romantic Stories, One Night Stands, Sex with Co-Workers, Group Sex, Infidelity & Cheating Spouses.

Since sex has been around forever, our stories are not limited to 'the now.' We bring you stories from the past; from historical erotic tales of long ago lands, to retro nostalgic sex stories. We bring you erotic stories from the future & other fantastic adult science fiction & fantasy stories too.

As a member, you help control the site content. You tell us what's hot. You tell us what types of stories, which authors, you want more of.

And for those who'd like to preview the quarterly publications, you can sign up for website only access too!

Ready to become a member? Get the most unique, high-quality erotica available now!

With much affection,


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Gracie Passette Productions, a division of Equilibri-Yum Incorporated, Fargo ND