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SK Needs Your Help!
28 Aug 2006, 1:16:51 pm
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We are one of the last free sites, and we'd sure love to stay that way... But that's largely up to you.

Over the years has provided you with personal stories, arousing erotica, honest reviews, hot interviews, exclusive previews, and more sex ed than you can shake a strap-on at. We've helped you identify, scrutinize, question, confront, communicate & come to terms with your sexual and relationship needs, concerns, insecurities, & desires. More than just showing you T n A, we expose our ourselves. We illuminate the issues and our respectful discussions have helped us each gain individual understanding, enlightenment about one another, and assisted our partners as well. And with our wit, clips and tips, we know we've entertained you!

But in order for this party train to not come to end, we need you to start paying for your sex (kittens).

Server costs, bandwidth and tech support (oh, my!) are legitimate costs of this site. Shopping at our store and via our affiliates helps cover some of those costs (or we would have bled to death long ago, thank you!), but it's not enough. It doesn't allow us to be able to give our columnists some cash. (We cannot live by review vibes alone... even those need new batteries! And hell, we're worth it.) So now it's time for you to start paying for the show by donating via Amazon.

Pay $10 for a quarter, and you'll get the V.I.P. Treatment: A Very Important Purr-son tag to display in the message boards, on your website or blog, and our very purr-sonal gratitude. Donate an obscene amount, and we'll call you a sponsor, a sugar daddy, or whatever you want! Can't afford much? Consider a $5 donation the equivalent of our two drink minimum to watch the free show. Or donate what you can, when you can ~ it's as close as you'll get to stuffing bills in our panties.

Treat us like the dirty little whores of sex entertainment (and education) that we are, and donate now!

Everyone else is going the paid membership route, and while we can understand their reasons for doing so, we pride ourselves on being free and available. In order to remain free and still pay our columnists at least a fraction of what they are worth, we need the donations.

"But Gracie," some of you will whine, "isn't a donation the same thing as a membership payment?" No, Virginia, it isn't. Let's look at the differences:

* Paid memberships are set prices; with a donation, you tell us what we're worth based on what you can afford.

* Paid memberships automatically rebill; donations only occur when you decide to make them.

* Paid memberships mean locked sites; with the donation system, the site is still open. This means there are no passwords to remember and you are not locked out on day 31. You can still email links to friends, link to an article in your blog, and share your bookmarks publicly at any time. And yet, columnists can still pay for their internet connections, vibrator batteries, and food. Everybody wins!

So slip some us some bills and we can continue the show.

With much affection,


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Please The Baroness BDSM Fetish Contest
22 Aug 2006, 9:44:31 am
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The Baroness, The name in latex fashion, is more than a fashion designer. She is a fashion icon, host to New York's longest-running monthly fetish party (The Baroness' Fetish Retinue), and has been featured on HBO's Real Sex. And now The Baroness is judging a Tit-Elation contest.

Here are her submission guidelines:

* All stories must be BDSM fetish stories focused on rubber and/or latex lust.

* There should be no "straight" sex acts.

* The only nudity is when they dress.

Much like a Baroness fetish party, stories are open to male/female, male/male, female/female, and trans persons. Single acts as well as group scenes are welcome.

Length: Stories should be substantiative ~ at least 1250 to 2500 words.

Deadline: All stories must be submitted via the Tit-Elation Author Area by mindnight, Central Time, October 10, 2006.

Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate redeemable for The Baroness' Latex Creations and $50 cash prize.
Runner Up: $25 cash prize and 100 ml Bottle of Eros original BodyGlide.

Winners will be announced prior to her royal birthday on Halloween!

Fine Print: All stories must be submitted via the Tit-Elation Author Area by October 10, 2006, and are subject to the usual site Tit-Elation Submission Guidelines. Submitted works are eligible for the print anthologies, and are compensated accordingly. (If you are not already a registered author, simply read the guidelines and register here ~ it's free to register as an author.)

Winning stories will also be published by The Baroness' at her website, via her newsletter etc. with proper author credits. This is your chance to get the recognition a real BDSM erotica author deserves! Are you worthy? Submit to The Baroness ~ submit your stories now!

A renowned designer, fetish expert, performer, writer, and lecturer, The Baroness is currently writing her own book on the art of female dominance. You may find out more about her (and how to please her!) at her glorious website,, and in these interviews: The Baroness: Latex Fashion Designer, An Enigma, Wrapped in a Mystery, Covered in Latex, and The Baroness As Sexual Being.

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
Sex~Kitten.Net Presents: The BDSM Issue
5 Aug 2006, 10:46:35 pm
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Miami Pepper, at, wrote the following in her review/interview regarding Sex~Kitten.Net Presents: The BDSM Issue:

I know I love spankings, and I've had a lot of fun being tied up. I prefer a man who "takes control" in the bedroom, and have played with hot wax. But beyond that I really am quite na´ve about what the whole BDSM thing is all about, so when Jordan LaRousse approached me with a request to write a book review about a BDSM book, I was excited. This was to be quite honestly my first real quest for knowledge on the subject.

The book Sex-Kitten.Net Presents the BD/SM Issue is a 111 page, soft cover book, and a very easy read. Editor Gracie Passette, also editor of the website and a "sometimes submissive (but only in bed!)," brings together a compilation of 24 essays written by a handful of different authors. Many of the pieces have been previously published on the website, but Gracie assures us that "there are six new pieces written specifically for the book."

I found the introduction to be particularly informative and it is here where we learn that the emphasis of the book isn't a "how to" it's more of a "why or why not". The book includes essays written by individuals who are heavy into the lifestyle, those who are dabblers or who are curious, and those who are completely disinterested in BDSM and offer persuasive advice on why NOT to get involved. In this sense the book is perfect for the reader who, like me, is mostly just curious and wants to learn more about the lifestyle and decide whether or not she is ready to jump in and explore.

Gracie explains where the concept for the BDSM Issue comes from:

"BDSM is a theme that arises again & again at the website. In part, it
is so popular due to the many misunderstandings about BDSM. We wanted to offer a print version for folks to be able to read in a more
comfortable, contemplative way."

It is also in the introduction where I finally found the clarification for what the heck BDSM the acronym actually stands for. Before this I had all these random words and acronyms in my head: D/s, B&D, S&M, Dom, sub...etc. I knew what these words meant but it was quite the epiphany for me when I discovered that BDSM actually encompasses all of the above. This is monumental in so many ways, because it sheds light on how this whole sexual culture is not just a description of one type of sexual behavior, but rather covers a range of behaviors so vast that they sometimes don't seem to belong under the same acronym. But they do. BDSM is a veritable rainbow of Domination and submission, Bondage, Sadomasochism - everything those subheadings stand for, plus some additional kinky fetishes that I'm not quite sure should have made the bill.

That said, as I read each of the essays I had the same feeling. It seemed that even though each contribution was supposedly discussing the same subject (i.e. BDSM), they were all touching on vastly different issues. This made for a very disjointed and often dizzying read.

Case in point: During one sitting I read "Confessions of a Female Spanko Sub" (p. 67) which I must say was my absolute favorite essay in the whole book. It was an interview between Gracie Passette and a sub named "Patty" who discussed the aspects of BDSM in her very intimate 27 year marriage! This essay got me all excited about the true possibilities of finding a healthy, ultra-sexual, D/s relationship. Patty takes the reader along the journey of her marriage where she and her husband turned a potentially very unhealthy relationship based on their repressed desires to spank and be spanked into one of the healthiest I've ever heard of. I finished the last paragraph feeling very enlightened and ready to seek my Dominant soul mate...

...then BAM I was hit over the head with "Sexual Experimentation Consequences" (p. 81), a rather depressing and incomplete feeling essay by contributor Tess Roberts. This essay talks about how introducing BDSM in the wrong relationship with a less than trustworthy man can have dire consequences (i.e. losing children in a custody battle). OK, so this is important information to know and perhaps Gracie knew what she was doing by placing it just after "Confessions," showing the contrast of a healthy vs. unhealthy BDSM relationship. But for me it caused mild vertigo. The mood swing was just too much to bear.

The rollercoaster continues with the next essay, "Interview with John Gordon, a practicing Dom" (p. 85) edited by Jewel Scott. One word for this interview: "sizzling". I have to say this really got my motor running. When John discusses the subject of erotic pain, saying "The pain usually includes cumming without touching the clit, just from squeezing, tugging and perhaps also twisting tugged nips," I about fainted in ecstasy. Now this is the type of man I want to find! John made it clear how much as a Dom he enjoys giving his "charming kittens" orgasms of the multiple kind. He says "When D/s works well, the sub entrusts herself totally, body and soul to Master. He systematically strips her of any remaining shred of control over anything...He already knows - or instinctively finds all those lil buttons of hers and presses hard enough to make her wild, delirious, crazier than crazy, make her O and O and O till she just can't stop..." By the end of this interview, I was wet and ready to go for my favorite vibrator. But I was working on a deadline and had to read on.

Oh I wish I had gone for my vibrator, I really do. Because what came next was a mood killer to say the least...I almost want to cry reliving this moment, as I turned to page 97 to read "A Fetish For Everyone" by The Libertine, and I found myself going from a world of multiple orgasms to a world of feces fetishes. I cringe as I quote, "One of the strangest (and disgusting) clients I ever saw was a dungeon regular called 'Pooty Bill'...The session consisted of him asking about my recent BM's i.e. what they looked like, how big they were, or what consistency the most recent one was and vice versa..."

Dear, dear Gracie, I began to cry, Why? Oh Why? Where is the editorial genius in this segue?

It is with this sense of emotional vertigo and the swings from enlightenment to depression to sexual excitement to repulsion that I just had to wonder, what really ties this book together? It seemed to me that BDSM is filled with concepts so eclectic that it almost can't be considered a theme. So I asked Gracie for a little clarification on what she thinks pulls this book together.

"Trust and honesty. Fundamentally, at many levels, BDSM is about trust: Who do you trust? Who trusts you? Do you even trust yourself enough to do this or that? And with this book, do you trust who is 'talking' to you? None of us are doctors or professionals of that sort, we are women (and a few men), who talk to you like your friends do (only in print, we are interrupted less! lol), and that means we are honest about our thoughts & feelings... Even the professional sex workers who work in the areas of BDSM shared their thoughts on a personal level. Many of our lovers were surprised to read our thoughts on this. They really had never heard us articulate so well before, and were surprised, flattered & excited to discover our secrets."

This response, "trust and honesty" really did tie it together for me, and I was finally able to see the real driving force behind the compilation. I reread the book with the mantra "trust and honesty" in mind, and found it to be a much more satisfying read.

My Response to the Review

Overall, I am obviously pleased, however, Ms Pepper's question, Why? Oh Why? Where is the editorial genius in this segue?, still begs to be answered in more direct context to the specific question...

The main reason is this: Since this anthology is about both the pros and the cons, and an editor has no real way to know what side of the fence a reader may be leaning towards, any order, or disorder for the matter, is rather subjective.

For example, a woman not moved to damp panties by Master John Gordon, a person who felt overwhelmed &/or repulsed as such visions in their heads, may have only felt relief at the very next entry in the book, yes?

I do hope that answers everyone's question in that regard.

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
Gracie Passette Productions, a division of Equilibri-Yum Incorporated, Fargo ND