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Affiliate Newsletter, 09/20/06
20 Sep 2006, 12:59:03 pm
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Have you noticed the increase in web traffic now that summer has ended? We sure have and it's nice to know that once those pesky kids go back to school that folks return to the Internet en force. As the weather gets colder, the numbers of site visitors will continue to increase ~ are you ready?

Attention Tit-Elation Affiliates

Looking for free & unique content? We are now allowing excerpts of our erotic stories to be posted in blogs and published at websites!

We've had a few requests for this from webmasters and bloggers and so we gave it a Beta run. Surprise, those we've granted permission to had great results!

Our terms of such story use is that you link to (with your affiliate code, of course!) and that you must include the author credits including a link to their website and/or blog. This information will be provided to you along with the story excerpt.

If you would like to participate in this program, send an email with "Affiliate Story Promotions" to and please note the following:

* Your website/blog URL where you'd like to publish the excerpt

* Description of the types of stories you are interested in. Our categories are:

# First time
# Couples
# Lesbian
# Exhibition/voyeur
# Interracial
# Strangers
# Male domination
# Female domination
# Spouses
# Older/younger
# Toys/masturbation
# Oral
# Anal
# Fetish
# Romantic
# One-night stand
# Co-worker

As we publish stories set in the Past, Present and Future (our Future category includes Sci-Fi, Paranormal etc), please note this interest as well.

In some cases, we may allow the use of full stories. If you are interested in publishing full stories, please make the request to with the same information. (And please put "Affiliate Story Promotion" in the subject line.)

NOTE: All excerpt and story requests will be handled in the order received. Great care will be made to ensure that the stories you receive are both unique and match your website traffic.

Reviews Anyone?

We are still open to reviews of Tit-Elation works. If you are interested in reviewing our print books, the website, or both, please send an email to with "TE Reviews" in the subject line. Be sure to include the URL of where the review(s) will be published.

One Last Note!

In preparation for the increase in traffic, we're going to increase the number of newsletters for you to ensure that you have the tips and tools to make the most of it. So keep your eyes open for the next one!

(If you have not yet signed up as an affiliate, do so here!)

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
SK Tricks & Treats Issue Call For Submissions
13 Sep 2006, 2:34:08 pm
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Sex-Kitten.Net is celebrating Halloween in an unusual way, and is looking for submissions of fiction and non-fiction.

Ideas for Tricks Articles:

* cover nasty tricks that have been played on you ~ or that you've played on others

* cover the nasty tricks that are supposedly played by women, such as faking a pregnancy to keep a lover etc.

* advice for 'getting even' with an old lover (Nothing criminal here! The piece might even be how to move on past the ex's tricks.)

* pros, do stories on clients

Ideas for Treats Submissions:

* special sex tricks to drive your partner wild (or you wish your lover would do for you!)

* erotica involving tricks & treats

And Trick OR Treat Essays:

* advice on training a lover

* essays on what's more effective, positive or negative reinforcement?

This issue is gonna rock, so have fun with it!

If you have other ideas, pitch 'em to me at

Submissions & pitches must be in the body of an email ~ no attachments will be opened.

Deadline: October 25, 2006

Also, I remind you that sister site, is open to other Halloween themed erotica, such as vampires, ghosts etc.

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
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