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Just Who Pleased The Baroness?
25 Oct 2006, 1:45:25 pm
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We are pleased to announce the winners in the Please The Baroness Contest:

The First Place story is 5-16 by Tobly McSmith which will be published in celebration of The Baroness's birthday, on Halloween.

In Second Place, Mastering Stefan by JM Snyder. This story marks our first publication in our new category, "Gay", and will be published on October 28th.

Congrats to both winners & a thank you to those who entered!

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
Would You Buy Girl Scout Cookies From Me?
16 Oct 2006, 3:21:33 pm
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I guess before we can answer that question, we must look at why folks in general buy Girl Scout cookies.

#1 Folks like cookies. And while they may be more expensive than some other cookies, these are "traditional favorites."

#2 Folks like to support Girl Scouts. The funds help the programming and individual girls build skills, pride and hey, they get a neato badge.

#3 Folks owe the family favor. Maybe it's a purchase for a purchase, as in family A bought oranges from little Bobby, so little Bobby's family must by something from family A. Or maybe they gave 'em a lift to the work on a frigid winter morning. Whatever. They owe the family a favor.

Now, why I ask...

I'm not selling cookies. But I am selling something. Always ;)

This month, it's subscriptions to

You may ask yourself why you should subscribe, or buy my cookies, and my answers are thus:

#1 You like erotica. TE provides damn find high quality erotica, on its way to becoming a traditional favorite.

#2 You like to support me. The funds help pay for my programming (websites, writings etc) and I build skills, pride and hey, if I sell the most I will get a neato badge. (Really!)

#3 You owe me a solid. Maybe I've supported you somehow ~ be it in spirit, a referral, or with a purchase of my own from you. It's time for you to pay it back.

So if this at all sounds like you, buy my goodies this October, will yea? I really want that badge...

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
My Interview with Louise Bohmer
13 Oct 2006, 6:39:12 pm
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My interview with horror author, and pal, Louise Bohmer has been published at Author Island.

Louise also has a piece at In a Darker Context -- The Cathartic and Misunderstood Nature of Horrific Art.

You'll find her erotic stories at Tit-Elation.

With much affection,


. . . . . . . . .
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