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29 Jan 2007, 2:01:10 pm
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The start of a new year brings many awards for 'best of' the last, so this is the episode in which I pander for your votes. (I wouldn't be much of a whore if I didn't!)

You can vote for me, Gracie Passette, as Best Magazine/e-zine Editor (for ~ and you can also vote for Ephemera Bound (my publisher) as Best Book Publisher, and Tit-Elation (my erotica site) as Best Fiction Zine.

You may also vote for several of Ephemera Bound's books:Decomposition, by J Eric Miller as Best Novel (non genre)andMichael, by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc, as Best Horror Novel.

With much affection,


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Tit-Elation Author News
29 Jan 2007, 1:07:27 pm
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Time to brag about our authors:

Louise Bohmer is in the spotlight at Author Scene.

Jeremy Edwards has a story, Heels, Stockings, Girdle, Bra, Face, you can read for free.

Nikko Lee won "The Most Erotic of Them All" with her story, Greta.

Gwen Masters debunks the Myths of Erotica Writers.

J.M. Snyder & Louise are part of an interview on How They Got Started.

With much affection,


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