Gracie Passette is a sex worker, though no longer working directly with clients in the flesh; She now uses media to work with the issues of sexuality.

Her experiences working with clients have taught her more about men than any study (though admittedly the numbers were smaller!), as she believes men have told her things they likely have never shared with a spouse, friend, or counselor.

With a BA in Professional Communications & Business Management (including a Minor in Social Sciences) from a Liberal Arts college, Gracie is trained to therefore not only be able to understand & synthesize, but to articulate & present. Even with the most inhibited &/or defensive persons.

Primarily, however, she draws on her own personal experiences as a woman. And this includes conversations with other women, both sex workers & non-sex workers. It is through conversations that women identify, scrutinize, question, confront & come to terms with their concerns & needs. As women communicate with each other from a place of mutual respect, individual as well as partner needs, insecurities, & desires are exposed & understood.

This is why Gracie believes in the importance of having women, of all orientations & situations, discuss from their own points of view & personal experiences. She is convinced it is these ongoing dialogues which will lead to further understanding in women, among women, & between the sexes. She hopes her projects are the start of these dialogues.

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