Roxanne Rhoads is a freelance writer, erotica author, poet and editor. Her poetry has appeared on,, and on Her non-fiction work can be read at and Her erotic fiction stories have appeared in Playgirl Magazine, on, and her story Eternal Passions, a paranormal erotica piece appears in the erotica digest Season Spirits released by

Roxanne is a bewitching chameleon and an eccentric sex goddess. Her creative energy is highest at night so don’t expect to talk to her early in the morning, unless she hasn’t been to bed yet. She is very quiet and prefers to listen to others instead of talking about herself. A voyeur at heart she lurks among the shadows watching and learning everyone else’s secrets while she remains a mystery. A lady must always have secrets and she guards hers closely. If she wants you to know or believe something about her it will appear in her writing.

You can read her work at, and check out her blog, Roxanne’s Realm to stay up to date on her activities.

Gracie Passette Positions Held:

Gracie Passette Productions, a division of Equilibri-Yum Incorporated, Fargo ND