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Our readers are primarily smart, professional women, ages 30+, although we know that younger women and a growing population of men also make up a significant part of this website's readership.

The easiest advertising route is via BlogAds. These ads are featured on *all* pages. On the home and message board pages, ads are on the left side. On all other pages, including columnist boudoirs, they are on the right side beneath the pinups (ooh la la!)

BlogAds has a fine reputation, and our advertisers have experienced wonderful click-thru rates ~ though we also remind you that advertising isn't all about the direct sales from clicks, but that ads are part of branding and ads seen across several sites and platforms increase consumer retention. For more on the value of advertising and click-thru rates, read here.

Targeted Advertisements
The majority of the advertisements on the website are chosen by Sex~Kitten editors and placed only on relevant pages, as a way of avoiding a look of 'advertisement overindulgence' by targeting ads for specific readers. If you have a website or product you'd like matched with specific content, email the editor to suggest your site or product and discuss rates.

These ads also rotate on the discussion page as they are part of the pool ads are selected from for rrandom display. Exposures cannot be guaranteed, but consider this a free bit of exposure for these sorts of ads.

Maximum advertisement size for these ads is 200px by 200px. If you need an ad designed for you, we can provide one for a fee.

Other Advertising Information
No Payola Please note, Sex-Kitten.Net has never, and will never, accept paid postings. We consider them to be, if not the devil's work, payola; so please do not ask us about paid postings.

All advertisements are subject to editor approval, although they do not need to be specifically targeted. Ads that would not appeal to our readship, illegal products, scams etc., will be refused.

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