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Sex-Kitten.Net is a womens sexuality site, for women, about women.

Headed by former sex pro Gracie, this space allows for women to ask & inform, explore & share, entertain & enlighten.

We are sex positive & feminist, with a historical or vintage edge. We represent todays modern pinups & are dedicated to helping women regain their purrs.

We discuss all matters of girly necessity, such as relationship tips; sex advice; sex toy, film & website reviews; commentaries on the practical matters of lingerie & why we wear it; personal stories & erotica. This, naturally, includes book reviews, author interviews, & a book club. ("Because slutty girls read too.")

Our discussions & rants are occasionally punctuated with the thoughts of men. All orientations are welcome, including well behaved men. is here to help you get your purr back. To get you connected to your own sexuality. And along the way, we suspect, weve helped a few men too. is published online at by Gracie Passette Productions.

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